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Maintain Tips Persian Cats: 9 Ways Caring Persian Cats

Maintain Tips Persian Cats: 9 Ways Caring Persian Cats

Persian cat with a beautiful coat is ideal used as pets.

However, these types of pets need special care to make it healthy and beautiful feathers.

But do not worry, special care is by no means difficult or expensive.

Here are some tips that can be used as a basic guide for treating cat Persia.

1. With long hair, Persian cats should be brushed (combed) every day bandar judi online.

This became the basic care that should be given a Persian cat have a limited ability to care for their own fur.

Ideally, Persian cat fur must be combed with a metal comb twice a day to prevent tangles and ensure their fur are kept clean and sparkling.

2. For additional maintenance, wipe with a Persian cat fur baby wipes every day.

Baby wipes ideal for use as addition will make the cat’s fur smell nice, also will not cause allergies because gentle formula baby wipes.

3. If a Persian cat’s fur was already tangled, the best thing to do is to ask for professional help.

Matted fur can be painful and make the skin they are interested or even injured.

4. Many Persian cats have problems with their tear ducts bandar judi online.

Cats with this problem tend to be a lot of tears.

If this happens, be sure to buy the appropriate eye wipes to clean the eyes and the nose area of ​​your Persian cat.

The nose is rarely cleaned can be blocked so that the cat into trouble breathing.

5. Feed a Persian cat with food that is reserved for or suitable for this type of cat.

The food should contain all the necessary nutrients that your cat is always in prime condition, full of energy, as well as an ingrown hair beautiful and shiny.

6. Make sure you have enough time each day to play with your Persian cat.

Provide a variety of toys he likes. Cats of this type are generally kept in the house.

Playing together will keep him active and not bored.

7. The Persian cat is a breed of cat voters. Sewage disposal they should be cleaned every day.

They like living in a clean and comfortable.

8. If possible give a small window or empty space around the window of the house in order to a Persian cat can bask.

Sunbathing can help maintain their health.

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